Air Charter Service

Crownpeak CMS – Native Cloud Digital Experience Platform.

Centralised CMS implementation for 50 unique websites, localised to 16 languages, supporting 27 global offices.

Digital Experience Platform & Enterprise CMS

  • Content migration of a combined total of 120K pages from legacy SDL Tridion CMS.
  • Multi-site management (globalisation and localisation) using Crownpeak 'Translation Model Framework' providing the ability to manage and localise multilingual content across all sites.
  • CRO and digital experience optimisation.
  • Design and development of new mobile first and page speed optimised templates with a reusable ‘modular’ component-based framework to rapidly create and deploy new pages.
  • Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon CloudFront and Akamai 'Edge' Cloud Delivery Platform to deliver scalable and high-performing web and mobile experiences.
  • API integration for real-time aircraft and global travel data.